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With technology and the Internet, we have made leaps and bounds in almost everything, especially our online businesses. But overtime technology has also made us vulnerable. When we go shopping we hesitate to use our credit cards because we fear that it might be hacked. There has been so many cases of identity theft, of scams that have shown us that the information we have put in one of our online endeavors have been used for other means. Our email addresses have sometimes been sold to third parties which make us defenseless against any further scams.

Studies have shown that Internet users are more concerned about their personal information being safe and secure. When surfing the Internet and doing some online business or shopping, there are three things they consider:

  • Is my personal information safe and secure in this website?
  • Is it safe and secure to shop in this site?
  • Can I trust this website and the information they have on it?
  • The Privacy Policy of the website and how they use the information they get from each customer.


Online security scanner

Is your customers confidential information safe?


Private Info

Do you protect your customers' privacy?


Identify Online Business

Company's address is confirmed via various processes.

NOLIN Secured

visitors are important

For website owners, visitors are important. Money is spent to ensure that the website is well optimized to ensure visitors. More than that, it is important that these visitors are transformed into customers and clients for life, these visits are converted to sales. So, what do you do about it?

Secure.... Trust... Value...


With NolinSecure, you can ensure that your customer will never once waver in their confidence. They will be 100% satisfied that your security, privacy and business identity is at par and thus they will completely trust you.

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